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Our Programs

Support Gift Basket Program

The Support Gift Basket Program includes Financial support (via gift cards) for Bill Pay, Groceries, Transportation, Mental well being activities, and items needed while receiving treatment for Blood Cancers: warm throw, head wraps/turbans/hats, lemon ginger candy, warm socks, sensitive skin body products, and lip balm. The baskets are personalized/tailored to the Recipients needs.

Prevention With Food Program

The Keith Dawson Foundation promotes a healthier lifestyle. Prevention with Food addresses food insecurity, and food deserts ( an area that has limited access to affordable/nutritious food) by providing fresh, healthy food options. The Keith Dawson Foundation will educate on healthier ways to prepare what may be readily available in disadvantaged communities.

Bill Pay Assistance Program

The Bill Pay Assistance Program, allows applicants to receive a one time Bill Payment Assistance up to a maximum of $400. The Keith Dawson Foundation, (after proof of the request is verified) will pay the requested amount directly to the Utility or Mortgage Company.

Chemo Care Bag Program

The Chemo Care Bag Program provides a bag for patients (currently in treatment for Cancer) to carry much needed items to their multiple Doctors appointments. Included in this bag, but not limited to: Tissues, Hand Sanitizer or Sanitizing Wipes, Puzzle books, pen/pencil, Lip Balm, Ginger Candy/Mints, Motivational Card.

Holiday Bag Program

Provide Holiday Bags annually to Hospital Community Partner/Partners Blood Cancer Units for hospitalized Blood Cancer Patients facing the New Year with a Cancer diagnosis. These bags include, (but not limited to) warm socks, and/or slippers, warm hats, adult coloring books, colored pencils, pens/pencils, and sharpener, sensitive skin lotion, lip balm, puzzle books, card/letter, head wrap/scarves/turbans, and other mental well being activities, lemon ginger candy/lemon ginger tea.

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